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Our Surf House is located in a small authentic
Berber village called Tamraght, 15 Kilometer
apart from Agadir and 4 Kilometer from Thagazout. In only 5 Minutes by feet you
are at our house beach.

Feel the fascination of morocco –
the mixture between Africa,
orient and the near to Europe.

The surf house is built in a modern moroccan
style and transmitted warm and welcoming
vibes and making guests feel comfortable.
Our surf house has a beautiful dining and
living room area, which is connected to the
fantastic ocean view terrace.

ROCK IT SURF house offers good quality
accommodation, with 24 rooms, single room,
double or twinroom, triple room and 5 suits.

You can chill out in the Sitting area, play cards,
or have a drink on the terrace (overlooking
the ocean). The surf house also has a berbere tente and yoga space.

All the rooms at the surf house equipped
with private bathroom, shower – way to enjoy
your holiday and feel comfortable.


Food and Beverage
ROCK IT serves only serve fresh and local
food in our kitchen, of locally grown fruits
and veggies fresh fish and chicken.
Our cuisine is healthy nice food and attend
to your particular wishes as an vegetarian,
pescetarion or gluten free.
A Berber coffee or moroccan mint tea wake
you up and give you energy to rock your day! Enjoy our fresh bread from town bakery
with honey, jam, fresh orange juice and
seasonal fruits. A perfect start in your day!
Packed Lunch
Get your power back with a lunch package
at the beach. Sandwiches made with fresh
meat, turkey, cheese and veggies in a fresh
bread additiona with fresh fruits.
A good varied dinner every night let
ending your day perfectly after surf.

At Rock it Surf you will savor the tast
of maroccon tajine, couscous and salads,
fresh fish of international and moroccan
cuisine to suit everyone.

Accomodation Accomodation Accomodation

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